Do you remember Sweetie? – A Year in MWCS Care

If you haven’t met Sweetie before, you can find her story here.

We’re so over the moon to share that Sweetie found her forever home in early December, and boy did she hit the forever-home-jackpot!!

When Sweetie would normally hide in terror when visitors would stop by, Sweetie just KNEW that the people visiting were going to give her all the time and love she needed to grow her confidence.

Sweetie Cuddles
Sweetie having cuddles on the first night in her new home


We were almost in tears of joy when we received an email from her new owners just a couple of days later. ..


I just wanted to say thank you for all the help in choosing a new kitty for our family.

I thought we were taking a real risk in taking Sweetie, I honestly thought it would be quite some months until I could handle her confidently and see her settle in and become a happy cat.

She is now happy for me to pick her up, she rubs up against everything for a scratch, rolls around on my bed, is confident coming up for a snuggle (as long as I’m laying down) and will strut around the lounge room like it’s all hers.

She purrs (loudly!) just about all the time, talks quite a bit when wandering around, and is confident enough to climb up the scratching posts.

She’s also happy to sleep in the sun in the open.

She’s really come out of her shell and she’s become the perfect addition to our family. I’m not quite sure what about our house makes her so comfortable but she’s obviously happy.

Thanks again, so much! We really love her.


Sweetie Sweetie Sweetie 

Sweetie got spoilt, her own brand new cat tree for her first Christmas in her new home! Merry Christmas, Sweetie!


We are just blown away with the instant calm that has come over Sweetie, now that she knows she’s safe and has her own family. After such a stressful start to her life, we’re so excited to see Sweetie become more confident every day and finally get to enjoy the life she deserves!

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