Madison’s Surgery Was a Success!

Madison looking adorable just before her surgery
Madison looking adorable just before her surgery

Thanks to the wonderful Sanford Veterinary Clinic team, Madison cruised through her surgery! From their Facebook Page:

“We thought we’d share a few photos of Madison’s surgery that happened this morning. Thank-you to everyone who donated money and showed interest in her story! She has woken up beautifully from her anaesthetic and is doing well. We will keep everyone updated on her progress.”

Madison in Theatre
Madison sleeping soundly just before her surgery began
Madison Waking From Surgery
Madison waking up from surgery

Madison was due to come home on Friday night, but her foster carer had to head to Perth for the weekend early Friday. We didn’t want to cause Madison extra stress by shifting her to a temporary foster carer for those crucial first 48 hours, and then back to her original carer. We decided it was a much better idea to take her directly to her original carer’s house and take turns visiting her and giving her the required medication. Far better for her to be resting in a safe environment that she is already familiar with.

Raised Water and Food Bowls
These raised food and water bowls will help during her first few days of recovery

It will take some time for Madison to find her balance again, so for her first few days she’ll have the aid of raised food and water bowls. These will only be temporary, as for her to be able to regain full control of her body again, she will need to learn to balance for all situations. For someone as sweet and confident as Madison is, we don’t think it will take much time at all!

Madison happily eating
Madison happily doing her favourite thing. Eating.

In fact tonight when a carer went to give her dinner and medication, she completely forgot about the raised bowl and put Madi’s dinner into a normal bowl. Madison handled it like a pro.

This amazing kitty’s success story could only have been possible because of the unbelievable support she has received from our community, the Sanford team and our MWCS volunteers. We are so very grateful! We will keep you all updated on her recovery.

Once we are confident Madison is comfortable and healed, she will be available to adopt through the shelter. If you are interested in welcoming Madison into your family, please flick us an email to or phone the adoption coordinator on 0487 193 244 to have a chat.

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