Spring Special! Cherri, Sweetie, Bubbles & Maisey

Our Cat of the Week is available for $100 to the right home. Meet Cherri, Sweetie, Bubbles & Maisey.

$100 cats of the weekCollage


These cats have been with the Shelter for a while and we would really love them to find a forever home.  They are all only $100 until the end of October 2015.
You can find more info about these ladies at the links below.

The adoption fee for our cats is $150 and kittens is $200, (with the exception of Cat of the Week) which includes microchip, sterilization, immunization, vet check, worm and flea treated. That is a huge saving on the vet work alone!

Free vs Adoption

Mid West Cat Shelter Inc is a registered charity whose main objective is to rescue and re-home, lost abandoned and homeless cats and re-home them to responsible pet owners.

We promote sterilization and containment, for the wellbeing of your cat, your neighborhood and the environment.

If you would like to adopt any of our other cats or kittens, visit our website www.midwestcatshelter.com our Facebook page www.facebook.com/midwestcatshelter or phone 0487 193 244 to speak to a coordinator.

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