Sweetie’s Story – A Year in MWCS Care

Have you met Sweetie yet? She’s cat number 328, was rescued on the 14th of August, 2014 and is available to the right home for $100.



Sweetie was rescued from all the way down in Three Springs as a seven month old kitten. She was very sweet (hence her name!) but was terrified to her core of people, loud noises and any fast movements. We do not know for sure, but we believe she was either abused or was trapped for an extended period of time. As we had no vacancies in foster care, Sweetie was moved into a pen at our temporary shelter facility. We had hoped that the large pool of volunteers that attended the shelter on different days would help to give Sweetie confidence, but it never came. As a facility volunteer myself, I remember countless days where the shelter coordinator would spend hours sitting with Sweetie and cuddling. Sweetie would simply tense into a tight ball of nerves, and would jump and hide at any chance she was given.

Sweetie now in 2015, her confidence is growing daily!


We held monthly open days, and many visitors came where many cats found their forever homes! Our Super Adoption Sundays were huge successes! But poor Sweetie hid in the corner of her cage and was too scared to make eye contact with the visiting families. Sweetie never found her forever home.



Sweetie is still learning that humans are her friends and won’t hurt her


In November 2014, we had to vacate our shelter facility with 3 hours notice, and the facility was holding 24 cats!! So Sweetie was moved into foster care, finally her chance for some close human bonding and to help build some confidence! Through no fault of her own, she has been shuffled between a few foster homes now and is still struggling to be confident around loud noises and unfamiliar people.


Sweetie and Cheeky Charlie
Sweetie and Cheeky Charlie are the best of friends!


We’re hoping that by sharing Sweetie’s story, that we will finally be able to find her a forever home. Her perfect home would allow her a safe quite space where she can feel comfortable and confident. A family with older children, or no children would be preferred as she will still run and hide in a loud and busy environment. She is affectionate towards other cats, so long as they aren’t bossy and scare her away. If you would like to meet Sweetie, please give our coordinator a call on 0487 193 244 today!

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