Bonded Pair of the Week – 17 August – Mia and China

Our Bonded Pair Cats of the Week are available for $200 to the right home. Meet sisters Mia and China.


Mia and China are two beautiful sisters who were rescued together. They are currently in the same foster home and are inseparable. China is the more cuddly of the two and will sit on your lap for as long as you will let her. Mia is a bit quieter but still loves a cuddle and will play with you all day. Both are very friendly cats that will greet you at the door for a pat. They are both litter trained and will ‘sometimes’ sit for treats.  They are good with kids, love playing with toys and will chase a laser pointer for hours. They are also happy to just lay around if the people of the household don’t feel like playing. 

If you would like to adopt Mia and China, Rocco and Bailey, Lyra, Holly or any of the other cats or kittens, phone 0487 193 244 to speak to a coordinator.

We’re also happy to share that Finn and Sabby found their forever home!

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